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Learn How to Trade Forex Within a Week For Very Little Cost

Becoming a specialist in forex trading is easier and faster than you think. If you follow our ideas you may also learn forex trading virtually for free.

Obtaining a solid grounding in the fundamentals first is essential if you’re to avoid finding yourself from the depth together with your forex education, and is straightforward to reach if you follow our simple guide to the who, what and where of forex training.


If you’ve never traded in stocks, shares, commodities or indeed forex, the mystical world of trading must initially seem really perplexing indeed.

The web is high in companies offering to assist you to learn forex trading, but if you do not know your bulls from your own bears how fortissio do you know which forex course to begin with? Many forex courses are very costly, and it doesn’t help that so many can be purchased by high-pressure salespeople.


It’s fair to express that we stumbled our way through the learning stage, and through luck rather than judgment happened to go to the right forex training places in pretty much the right order.

On the way, we certainly bumped into many less fortunate who had inadvertently booked themselves onto a sophisticated forex trading course before they knew the fundamentals, and looked فورتيسيو completely lost within the very first 10 minutes.

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Here we’ll try to assist you to avoid doing exactly the same, and we’ll tell you from our personal experience how and where to quickly learn to trade forex without losing a king’s ransom in the process.


Free forex training (virtually)

Let’s start with clarifying one key point - the principles needed to master currency trading are exactly the same irrespective of if you are trading stocks and shares, commodities or forex.


When you have been on a complex analysis course that teaches you how to read candlestick charts, to know the fundamentals of support and resistance, and several indicators like MACD, RSI and moving averages etc - you need to then be able to trade anything, as forex technical analysis isn’t any different.

Within our experience trading courses fall under these broad categories;

Free tutorials are written by brokers (either live or online)

Free “complimentary” trading seminars written by training companies
“Learn to trade” general basics courses (normally billed as stock trading courses) specialist courses e.g. options, futures, forex, etc.


Brokers - Most good brokers will provide some forex free trading tutorials for their clients. Not surprisingly these forex training seminars tend to focus on how best to operate the broker’s own software, but nonetheless give a good forex trading guide and are worth seeing. However, don’t expect to disappear from a broker’s free forex training tutorial with expert knowledge in how exactly to trade profitably.

Free events - Most of the training/education companies will introduce you with their services with a Free “complimentary” forex training seminar. We can honestly claim that having attended some from various companies we’ve never yet met anybody who walked away from one of these brilliant sessions having learned greatly at all.


The only purpose of these sessions is always to introduce you to the business and to sell you certainly one of their forex trading courses, rather than to educate you on anything particularly useful. However, if you attend together with your expectations set only at that level you won’t be disappointed.

Currency Trading Basics - To learn forex basics you should book onto one of these brilliant courses, and in a minute we will show you how you can have the course taken care of by being clever about once you attend.


It is essential that you start with a program that teaches forex trading basics, as there is nothing worse than finding yourself on the incorrect course and from the depth from the beginning.

Basic level courses tend to be billed as “learn to trade the stock market “.Most people have never heard of forex, but everyone’s heard of the stock market, hence the education companies focus their basic trading courses on stock trading. Remember, all the principles are identical, and at the end of an investment trading course you are likely to be just like in a position to trade forex as whatever else and may also have discovered the vital skill of trading money management.


Even for these basic level weekend courses, the education companies will charge you a few thousand, and although they do usually offer to allow you to bring a partner or friend along free of charge, even still it’s expensive

- but imagine if you might have it taken care of?

Forex Signals services enable even the novice trader to trade profitably almost straight away. Our suggestion if you’re on a restricted budget (and we wish we’d done it in this manner around ourselves) is always to proceed the following;


Select a broker

Attend/view online the broker’s free forex training tutorials so that you learn how to place and manage trades
Sign up to a full-service forex signals provider and 2 - 3 other signals services (around USD $100 per month each - but should quickly purchase themselves)
Purchase several forex robots (one-off cost of around $100 each - but should also purchase themselves quickly)
Test the signals and robots on your own broker’s demo account, to be sure they’re profitable, or make adjustments until they are. Once you’re happy, trade them on your own live account and starting reaping in the profits.
Then utilize the profits you make from trading signals and robots to pay for your forex course - effectively providing you free forex training.


Thereafter either continue to trade the signals and robots or develop your own personal educated trading style aided by the prompts from the signals and robots. Hence your forex training is taken care of and you obtain the on top of that worlds.

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